We don’t just live in our community; we take an active role in making it better.

We do this by contributing our time, resources, and expertise to several local community organizations.

Consistent with our philosophy of reducing the amount of paper our industry generates, we methodically count the number of pieces of paper that our firm consumes, and work with Friends of Trees to plant two trees for every one that we deplete.

We celebrate local nonprofit organizations by donating our time and getting our hands dirty. We serve as Board members and volunteers where we can, and twice per year, we close our firm’s doors so our staff can join in a “day of service” in the community.

And every year, our entire firm researches and votes on one local charity to receive our firm’s annual financial gift on behalf of our clients.

Some of the organizations that we have been proud to support include:

Each of these organizations has touched us personally and works hard to benefit our community. We invite you to join us in supporting them.