Our Mission

We help institutional clients achieve their unique goals with thoughtful investment advice, delivered with integrity.

Our Investment Philosophy

We believe it is essential to operate under a defined Investment Philosophy. Ours is grounded in experience and research.

  1. We create customized investment portfolios that maximize return, prudently.
  2. Risk management is of paramount importance. Risk is more than just volatility of returns.
  3. We advise our clients to diversify and have a long-term focus. We believe that such a focus is a sustainable advantage in investing that will lead to higher returns.
  4. Valuations matter. Expected returns for investments depend directly on the prices paid for them.
  5. We believe that markets are reasonably efficient, and that active management should be pursued only where it is likely to be rewarded. Active management is always a source of risk, and only sometimes a source of excess return.
  6. Fees matter. We believe that careful attention to portfolio fees is a sustainable long-term advantage for an investor. We seek to minimize the fees our clients pay to implement their investment programs, and we report client returns net of fees.
  7. We approach markets and investing with humility. Egos hinder great investment results.

Our Advisory Philosophy

Our team has advised a broad range of institutional investors, including some of the largest portfolios in the country. This experience informs our advisory philosophy.

  1. Each client is unique in its values, objectives for return, tolerance for risk, and circumstances faced. We evaluate every client’s individual needs before implementing an investment strategy.
  2. Every client deserves our very best. We will not sacrifice the needs of one client to serve another.
  3. Investment advice should be provided by an experienced advisor, in the context of a long-term relationship.
  4. Ethics are paramount in all we do. We will not compromise our ethics.
  5. Client relationships are of the highest importance. Our experience tells us that every investment strategy will be tested. Client trust in the strategy and our advice is imperative to the long-term success of the investment plan.
  6. We know that the most successful clients are those who fully understand their investment strategy. We value transparency, avoid jargon, and seek to fully educate our clients about their investment programs.
  7. We present our opinions directly and are accountable for them.
  8. We are a team. It is only with this close and collaborative culture that we can fully capitalize on the exchange of ideas and the rigor of peer vetting that leads to consistency in our recommendations and efficiency in execution.
  9. Continuity and stability of our team is a critical core business value. We take care to ensure that our team’s morale is high, that their ideas are heard, and that key professionals participate in the success of our business. Our ownership is distributed broadly throughout the firm. We prize very low turnover of our investment team.
  10. Continuity and stability of our client base is equally important. We believe that the rewards associated with long-term investing accrue only in the context of long-term relationships. We value a stable base of clients with minimal client turnover.