Announcing Sellwood Consulting LLC

The founding Directors of Sellwood Consulting LLC are pleased to announce the formation of our firm. Our vision is to provide institutional investment consulting, free of conflicts of interest, without the disadvantages inherent in the large firms in our industry. We intend to work with a few select clients to maintain long-term relationships with our experienced consultants.

“I am thrilled to have the chance to bring the talent, innovation, and skill of this group to our new clients. There isn’t a better team anywhere to successfully assist clients in navigating today’s turbulent capital markets.” -- Charlie Waibel, Managing Director

Our press release officially announces our founding.

“From my experience in working with all four of these people, I know they will serve their clients well. They are hard-working individuals with high integrity and these values, no doubt, will lead to a successful investment consulting firm” -- Russ Kuhns, founder and former Chairman and CEO, R.V. Kuhns & Associates

Our ADV, filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, provides important information on our ownership and business activities.

Our RFI document provides more information about our firm, philosophy, and ethics. It also contains biographical information of our four founders.

We are proud of the firm we have created, with clients first and foremost in everything we do. We look forward to answering your questions — please do not hesitate to contact us.