Sellwood’s Early Growth Featured in Press

Sellwood was featured in today’s FundFire People Roundup, highlighting our early growth in both clients and headcount.

Sellwood Consulting, only a few weeks removed from its break with R.V. Kuhns, has already begun luring more talent from the mothership. Ryan Fitzgerald, who previously prepared and analyzed performance, volatility, attribution, and asset allocation for several large clients, with assets totaling more than $8 billion for R.V. Kuhns, has joined the Portland-based start-up as an associate.

Fitzgerald will work on manager research, portfolio analysis and economic analysis, but will not be in a lead client relationship role. “Our expectation is that our clients work with senior people and they have them for long-term relationships,” Charlie Waibel explains.

This client relations strategy may already be paying dividends. Waibel says that in the few weeks since the firm set up shop, it has already landed [several] clients.

Some of the investors even “stepped outside the regular quarterly meeting protocol to consider a change in investment consultant,” Waibel says. “We feel incredibly pleased that they saw the importance of the decision and took immediate action.”

The full article can be found on FundFire’s website.