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The Right and Wrong Way to Design a Portfolio

Our research department believes that the President’s agenda will stall in Congress, the Fed is on pace for two more rate hikes this year, and that we are seeing really promising economic growth out of Asia. As a result, we recommend that you shift a bit of money out of core bonds and into international equities for the next six months.

Optimal Rebalancing in a Volatile World

Rebalancing is a critically important element of portfolio management, but it gets scarcely the attention it deserves. Our research shows that disciplined rebalancing is necessary to maintain a portfolio at its desired risk and return levels – without it, the whims of the market can considerably alter a portfolio’s composition.

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Rates?

With short-term interest rates at historic lows, and the end of the Federal Reserve’s latest bond purchase program scheduled in October, investors are right to wonder about the prospect of rising interest rates. This wonder naturally turns to concern for fixed income portfolios, which derive their return from the overall level of interest rates in the economy and are thus naturally exposed to the effects of interest rate movements, both positive and negative.